Sýningakerfi Ltd was established in 1985. It is a private company with extensive knowledge and experience in organising and putting together exhibitions for both large and small companies.

Sýningakerfi has been involved in all major trade exhibitions which have been held in Iceland, e.g. The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition since 1987, Food Exhibition every other year and Vest-Norden Arts & Crafts Exhibition.

Sýningakerfi has designed and installed exhibition stands in many foreign countries, as diverse as Germany, Greenland, USA and Chile.

Knowledge and experience in all aspects of exhibitions is our trademark.

Sýningakerfi has twice been awarded Honorary Prizes in stand layout and design in conjunction with The Icelandic Export Council at exhibitions in Denmark and Spain.

Sýningakerfi designs and constructs both large and small exhibition stands, and organises the overall concept. We also provide technical service on a daily basis during exhibitions upon request.

Professional consultation and customer requirements are an important part of our services. The company offers all materials needed for exhibitions, large and small.

When the basic design of the exhibition stand is completed, the exhibitor can view the end result on computer, which enables him to make the necessary changes before the final work is started on site.

The company has the latest technical equipment available on the market today. Our own computer program has been designed to offer specialized programs for our customers. All drawings are to scale in conjunction with the exhibition hall or premises to be used. This facility enables us to design the individual exhibition stands down to the finer details before work starts on site.

Among the main features of our units are low costs and easily assembled stands, which in turn provide the possibility for tailor-made stands that meet every client’s requirements.

Sýningakerfi offer selections of extras including, shelves, chairs, tables, lights and light-fittings, glass cabinets in different sizes.

The final concept of an exhibition stand is highly important. We provide the necessary items and possess the experience for designing and preparing posters, company slogans and emblems to suit all needs.

The items we use at Sýningakerfi are in full compliance with fire regulations for exhibitions. In addition to having items for use at the exhibition, we produce placards for company vehicles, billboards, signs, etc.

Sýningakerfi is a member of OSPI (Octanorm Service Partner International). This is an acknowledged organisation operating in many different countries in connection with trade exhibitions.

Following is a list of countries where Sýningakerfi has provided exhibition stands and accessories: